Broadband News of Interest - June

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Internet articles about education, public safety, healthcare and government in relation to the broadband industry.

Virtual health integrated at Iowa Veterans Home
Residents at the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown can now begin to see their care providers without leaving the facility.
Posted by: Times Republican

FirstNet launches portal, delivers state plans for public safety network
State officials have their first clear look at the future of public safety communications, but many of the details — including pricing — remain shielded from the public.
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When the School Nurse Is on a Screen Instead of in an Office
Some schools are using telemedicine to provide health care to students in underserved districts. But few think it’s a cure for their ailments.
Posted by: Converge

What is IoT? – A Simple Explanation of the Internet of Things
A simple answer to, "What is IoT?". Whether it's for your own understanding or to send to friends/family/customers, this explanation is meant for anybody.
Posted by: IoT for all

Don’t Overlook Basics in Cybersecurity Strategies, Officials and Experts Warn
The cybersecurity landscape has many pitfalls, public officials and industry experts said at the 2017 Missouri Digital Government Summit, but some solutions are out there for enterprising agencies.
Posted by: Government Technology