Broadband News of Interest - February

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Internet articles about education, public safety, healthcare and government in relation to the broadband industry.

ICN provides SYBAC students an opportunity to discuss broadband and technology with state leaders

High school students from across Iowa experienced the opportunity to meet with elected officials at the State Capitol to discuss the importance of strong reliable broadband in their daily lives.

Source: ICN Website


Telehealth expands local medical and psychiatric services 

The hospital has used the telemedicine system to expand coverage to specialists. Instead of traveling to see the doctor, services are offered via a secure HIPA complaint, internet connection.

Source: Spencer Daily Reporter


Interactive platform DBQuest wants K-12 history students to go deeper than famous quotes

A free online digital tool that helps students learn civics lessons has upgraded and expanded its offerings, adding a module on a key moment in the civil rights movement.

Source: edscoop


In the fight over net neutrality, librarians call for action

Some of the fiercest advocates for internet freedom spend their working life surrounded by books. Librarians around the country and here in Alabama are sounding the alarm about the potential danger of rolling back net neutrality protections.