Broadband News of Interest - April

broadband news

Internet articles about education, public safety, healthcare and government in relation to the broadband industry.

How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure
Protecting your personal information can help reduce your risk of identity theft. There are four main ways to do it.
Source: Federal Trade Commission

How We Can Prevent a Digital Divide 2.0 as Virtual Reality Expands 
As we explore the promise of VR and AR for education, we must ensure we don’t create new barriers to access.
Source: EdTech

Learning computer coding opens up ‘endless world’ for these kids
A nationwide computer science immersion program sets up shop at a couple Virginia elementary schools.
Source: PBS News Hour

Securing IoT Devices in the Increasingly Connected Hospital System
IoT can help doctors understand trends around their patients and find ways to create powerful preventative care measures.
Source: HealthIT Security

Even in its first year, FirstNet-AT&T partnership has a significant impact on public-safety communications 
It has only been a year since AT&T was awarded with the nationwide FirstNet contract. For public safety, progress on the FirstNet LTE system is moving much faster than expected, driven largely by the decision to provide priority and preemption across all of AT&T’s commercial spectrum.
Source: Urgent Communications