Broadband News of Interest – March

Internet articles about education, public safety, healthcare and government in relation to the broadband industry.

5 easy ways to avoid being hacked online
Experts say we need to take our account management to the next level to keep personal information safe.

Google launches free online course to improve AI education 
Google's announced a new online learning initiative to make machine learning education more accessible. The company's developed a free course which delivers the essentials needed to get started with machine learning, without demanding prior knowledge.
Source: Digital Journal

Internet of Things” that has changed entire world 
The Internet of Things, which is also traditionally referred as IoT, is principally denoted to billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the spectrum internet, collecting and sharing data.
Source: Best in AU

Telemedicine in the ICU: How One Hospital Improved Care Management 
A small Florida hospital is finding that a telemedicine platform gives its doctors and nurses the best means of caring for their sickest patients.
Source: mHealth Intelligence