Broadband Matters

Broadband Matters is an initiative sponsored by the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) to showcase the importance of delivering broadband services to all corners of the state. Our mission is advocating for broadband to provide Iowans connections that matter.

In a rapidly changing global environment it is imperative that all Iowans have access to appropriate high speed broadband or Iowa risks being left behind. Without broadband access, students will not receive a 21st century education, businesses will be unable to compete in the global marketplace, public safety won’t have the most effective communications tools, and Iowan’s won’t have access to state-of-the-art healthcare services.

Broadband Matters showcases the importance of broadband access to the areas of; education, public safety, healthcare and government.“Broadband is that economic development tool or that next wave of commerce. I think broadband will be that vehicle that will empower economic development but it won’t just be for one sector, it will be for every part of our lives including education, government, public safety, healthcare; through every aspect of our lives.”

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