ITTC April 2021 Meeting

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pursuant to Iowa Code, Chapter 21, the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission hereby gives notice to the public of its intended meeting on Thursday, April 15, 2021, at 10:30 a.m. via Zoom.  The proposed agenda for the meeting is included with this notice and incorporated herein by reference.

Members of the public and interested persons are invited to attend the Commission’s meeting. To ensure the most efficient use of State resources, the April 15, 2021, ITTC meeting will be held by Zoom pursuant to Iowa Code section 21.8. To receive the Zoom meeting instructions, please send notification to Lori Larsen at (515) 725-4713 or e-mail

The Commission welcomes public comments as a part of the Commission’s open meetings.  The time for public comment is during the Public Comments portion of the agenda. Comments should be limited to five (5) minutes.  Please send advance written notification of appearance to the Iowa Communications Network, Attention: Lori Larsen, Grimes State Office Building, 400 East 14th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319 or e-mail If you require the assistance of auxiliary aids or services to participate in or attend the meeting because of a disability, please call the ADA Coordinator, Lori Larsen, at 877-426-4692 toll-free or if you are hearing impaired, call Relay Iowa TTY at 800-735-2942 toll-free or e-mail  Questions regarding the meeting agenda may be directed to Lori Larsen, at (515) 725-4713, or 877-426-4692 toll-free or e-mail


Commission / Staff
Commission / Staff
  • ICN Agency Updates
    • Finance Update
      Mike Cruise
    • Contracting Update
      Mike Cruise
    • Business Services Update
      Mike Lauer
  • ICN Network Updates
    • Network Operations & Security Update
      Ryan Mulhall
    • Network Engineering Update
      Andy Ryan
    • Network Outside Plant Update
      Dave Augspurger
  • ICN Administration and Facilities Updates
    • Facilities & TAC Update
      Mark Johnson
    • Legislative Update
      Mark Johnson
Other Business 
  • ACTION: Consideration of Approval of Administrative Rules Amendments
    Mark Johnson
  • ITTC Committee Updates
Public Comment
Notice Posted
April 9, 2021

Iowa Telecommunications & Technology Commission
Grimes State Office Building, 1st Floor
400 E. 14th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319

April 15, 2021

To ensure the most efficient use of State resources, the April 15, 2021, ITTC meeting was held via video conference pursuant to Iowa Code section 21.8. The current public health recommendation is to minimize public gatherings. A video conference ensured that more Commissioners, staff, and the public were able to participate in the meeting and reduced the risk of delays caused by the public health recommendation.  The meeting was accessible to members of the public.

Roll Call:

Commissioners Present via Zoom

Barb Kniff McCulla, Chair
Bob Holz, Member
Steven Olson, Member
Krista Wenzel, Member
John McCormally, Representing Rob Sand, Ex-Officio Member
Matt Behrens, Representing Annette Dunn, Ex-Officio Member

Commissioners Absent

Timothy Lapointe, Member

Iowa Communications Network Staff via Zoom

Randy Goddard, Executive Director
Deb Evans, Chief Financial Officer
Mark Johnson, Chief Administrative Officer
Scott Pappan, Chief Technology Officer
Mike Cruise, Finance Bureau Manager
Ryan Mulhall, Network Services Bureau Manager
Mike Lauer, ICN Sales Engineer
Mark Dayton, ICN Sales Engineer
Andy Ryan, ICN Sr. Telecommunications Engineer
Dave Augspurger, ICN Sr. Telecommunications Engineer
Brian Clayton, Purchasing Agent III
Lori Larsen, Executive Officer 2 (Recorder)

Guest Attendees via Zoom

Scott Golberg, Fiber Network Services (FNS)
Ray Warner, Aureon
Sean Corey, Lumen (phone)
Alan Nagel, Attorney General (phone)

Call to Order:

Chair Kniff McCulla called the meeting to order at 10:30 AM.  It was noted that a quorum of members was present for the meeting.

Approval of the March 18, 2021 Meeting Minutes:

Chair Kniff McCulla requested a motion to approve the March 18, 2021 meeting minutes. Commissioner Wenzel moved to approve the minutes. Commissioner Olson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Roll call vote was taken. The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Holz - Yes
Commissioner Olson - Yes
Commissioner Wenzel – Yes
Chair Kniff McCulla -  Yes

Old Business:


New Business:

Agency Updates

Finance Update – Mike Cruise

March FY 2021 Budget-to-Actual Report

Monthly Revenues and Expenses

The month of March resulted in an operating margin of -$109,726 or -4.5%.  This is $9,356 unfavorable to the budget of -$100,370.

Revenue for the month was $140,867 unfavorable to budget.  There were not any concerning issues contributing to this. There was a $29,000 credit applied for an MVS ACD billed to Department of Human Services (DHS) in previous months, in which we agreed on acceptable back billing dates and amounts.  There were back credits applied for Ethernet due to USAC credits being approved and applied.  Finally, there were disconnects for legacy transport services which was an expected issue.  In general, it’s an issue of timing when revenues and expenses are booked even though we try to accrue all that we know about. 

Direct expenses are favorable to budget by $72,347. Total allocated expenses were $59,164 favorable to budget including positive favorability in Outside Plant (OSP) expenses, general & administrative expenses, payroll and equipment expenditures.

Year-to-Date (YTD) Revenues and Expenses:

Through March the YTD operating margin is -$19,925 or 0.08%, which is $1,053,464 favorable to the budgeted amount. Gross margin is favorable by $489,414.

Comparison to March FY 2020:

The operating margin for FY 2021 is $186,000 unfavorable to March FY 2020.  The decreases in revenue and slight increases in all expenses were all factors.

Year-to-Date Comparison to FY 2020:

The operating margin is $790,000 favorable to FY 2020.  The gross margin remains favorable at $379,000 and overall allocated expenses are favorable by $411,000.


Attended meetings for general WorkSmart project and the contributor trainer network meeting for the HCM portion of Workday.  The general WorkSmart meeting consisted of updates on communications that will be distributed to leadership and all employees including an announcement of a survey to be available on April 19.  Also discussed the change commitment curve and how the transition from the old to the new system involves awareness, understanding, buy-in and commitment from all involved.  The project sponsors for the state remain high on communications as the project progresses.


Contracting Update – Mike Cruise

  • Received the counter-signature contract from Lanner related to the white box solution on April 12.
  • Waiting on counter-signature contract from the vendor for the video surveillance and access control project for JFHQ, Lucas Building, and Tiffin locations.
  • We are waiting on the counter-signature contract for the patch manager software.
  • We did have one sole source contract signed for an Outside Plant project that was requested by our customer.


Business Services Update – Mike Lauer

Healthcare Update

  • IRHTP Equipment Refresh Project 
    • Conversions have resumed, on track for June completion.
  • Renegotiated Internet rates with IRHTP Board, reduction in rates of approximately $370,000 per year.
  • Blessing Health Systems, Keokuk Hospital ordered a 100 Mb Internet service.
  • Cass County Health System, renewal of 60 Mb ICN Ethernet service.  
  • Compass Memorial Healthcare, Amana Clinic, added 50 Mb Ethernet LEC.

Government Update

  • Iowa Department of Revenue signed a 5-year agreement for two diverse 300 Mb Ethernet circuits to Centennial Colorado.
  • Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT): signed 3-year agreement for 4 Gigabit Internet, upgrade to existing 1 Gigabit service. Options to increase to 10 Gigabit in the future.
  • Received order from Iowa Lottery for ½ cabinet colocation at JFHQ.
  • DOT: Ames campus fiber project; nine buildings, conducted site visits and presented estimated cost. Need to be finished by June 30.
  • Iowa Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Marshalltown ordered a new 10 Mb Ethernet with LEC connection, and RMS service.
  • DHS move to LightEdge Data Center Project: no change, in holding pattern.
  • OCIO move to LightEdge Data Center Project: no change, in a holding pattern.

Public Safety Update

  • 911 LandLine Migration Project: Completed 100 PSAP’s with 13 remaining.
  • Homeland Security Update: Five county PSAP’s ordered Shared Service (Zetron) Ethernet circuits: Audubon, Black Hawk, Delaware, Linn, and Webster.
  • Homeland Security Update: Four county PSAP’s ordered FirstNet back up circuits: Audubon, Delaware, Linn, and Webster.
  • Interstate Playbook: Working with neighboring states for emergency transfers of calls across state lines.
  • Newton Prison MVS project: 216 seats. Cutover moved to April 21.
  • Fort Dodge DPS MVS project: 16 seats cutover scheduled for April 22.


  • FY 2021 E-rate: 471 Filing window closed 3/25. ICN received 74 new contracts back from Schools as of Friday, April 9. There were 180 funding requests (FRNs). Tracking down a few more from schools who selected ICN in their filing with USAC.
  • USAC has indicated there will be an additional 470 and 471 filing window opening for the FY 2021 funding year. More information will come at a later date.
  • Working with Iowa Public Radio (IPR), Iowa City studio, on a SIP solution for callers to call in to live radio shows.
  • Working with Eastern Iowa Community College on SIP trunk services for 800 DID phone numbers for their Bettendorf, Davenport, Clinton, and Muscatine campus locations.
  • University of Iowa’s RFP – Still waiting to hear back.

Conferences / Outreach

  • GCN highlighted the partnership between ICN, HSEMD, and FirstNet: Iowa taps into FirstNet for 911 backup.
  • Adding group membership to NENA: The 9-1-1 Association.
  • Taking applications for the next group of SYBAC students for 2021-2022.
  • The last SYBAC meeting occurred on Thursday, April 13. Virtual guest was LightEdge.
  • Marketing two open positions: Firewall Administrator and Business Services Bureau Manager.
  • ICN will have a breakout session this year at TAI’s High School Technology Summit on April 20.
  • Final stages of launching a new internal Intranet for staff.


Network Services Updates

Network Operations & Security Update – Ryan Mulhall

100Gb Network Core Upgrade

  • Approximately 70% of the equipment installs are completed, migration of circuits continues on an on-going basis.
  • Preparing for Internet service swing from Dallas to Chicago. Required to move one piece of gear from Des Moines to Bettendorf. This should be turned up next month. Contract has been signed.

Network Update

  • Aggregation planning has started for the reboot of our Brocade CS2024 switches, which include 140 switches across the state. This needs to be completed each year.
  • For our disaster recovery project, our Veeam platform has been installed, and we received additional storage in Tiffin. This is the first year ICN will be using it ourselves.
  • Staff and vendors completed the annual security awareness training which is required per the OCIO.

Future Projects and Planning

  • Whitebox testing is ongoing. The goal of this effort is to be able to provide network services to customers without installing multiple pieces of hardware. Awarded hardware contract utilizing Lanner equipment.
  • ICN is testing different routing software VNF’s. If the testing goes well and we are able to achieve desired throughput, this solution might be able to be used for our aggregation sites.
  • We continue discussions and testing with multiple firewall vendors, as the first network services targeted are router and firewall. We will use appropriation funding to complete this. Target date to have replaced is December 2021. We will start to decentralize all the agencies that currently sit on the platform.  
  • ICN was awarded five grants from the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. All the projects will be starting shortly, and are in different stages. The five projects include: Lucas building power upgrade (for ICN’s lab environment and state firewall service), security cameras and access controls at our three main core sites, adding an additional disaster recovery site, patch management software for internal systems, and performing an external vulnerability scan.


Network Engineering Update – Scott Pappan

130 active projects in Engineering, and 9 are unassigned.

Aggregation: Starting aggregation switch upgrade, which will be replacing the Brocade equipment in our network.

Customer Relocations: Marshalltown Hospital will be moving the aggregation switch from the hospital to the educational center with the local community college. Indianola High School (Part II site) will be moving from the administration building into the high school.

ATM Decommissioning: This will ultimately lead to the sunset of our ATM platform by July – August 2021. Sixteen TDM devices need to be moved. 

IRHTP: This should be completed in July 2021. All requests have been engineered and are moving forward.

E-Rate: Our engineering group continues to work the 170 E-rate orders for schools and libraries.

Core Upgrade: Working on Cedar Rapids, and in the process of moving all circuits from the old equipment to the new Juniper equipment.

Chair Kniff McCulla – Thank you

Network Outside Plant Update – Scott Pappan

Outside Plant (OSP)

Added 29 new projects in March, which was 153% above average for March. The new projected total for the fiscal year is 312, which is 116% above the previous high. There was one cable cut event in Council Bluffs. We had two washouts reported, but one turned out to not be ours. We had two damage events reported with unknown causes. We are currently trying to determine root cause analysis.

We issued six estimates in March, and one new construction. We also had one engineer retire.

We are currently working 242 outside plant projects throughout the State. There are 176 open projects for relocation, repair, construction, and splicing. There are 12 projects for infrastructure maintenance. One project was recently awarded, with two out for bid. There are 18 projects under cost recovery. There are 21 in service, which means field work is completed, and waiting to closeout. Three are in documentation and nine are in pending status.

Administration & Facilities Updates

Facilities and TAC Update – Mark Johnson

TAC (Technical Assistance Center)

Projects completed:

  • Office reconfiguration work on the 2nd and 3rd floors in the Grimes Bldg for the Department of Education.
  • Office reconfiguration project for the Department of Revenue in the Hoover Bldg.
  • FirstNet cable and equipment installation to support the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office in Independence. This is related to the FirstNet 911 backup service.

Projects currently underway:

  • Involved with the DOT campus fiber project.
  • Involved with the cutover to MVS at the Newton Correctional facility.
  • Working with Department of Inspections and Appeals on two projects in the Lucas bldg.
    • One related to relocating existing services as a result of remodeling.
    • One related to providing cabling to support upgrades in equipment being placed in their conference rooms and training areas.
  • Earlier this week, the OCIO reached out and requested TAC’s assistance with a network equipment upgrade project at the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown. Their current vendor has been experiencing issues with the existing fiber between buildings. TAC was scheduled to troubleshoot those fiber issues, identify the issue, repair the fiber if possible, or establish a new fiber path via existing fiber. This is not ICN fiber.

Facilities Update

Projects currently underway:

  • Lucas Building: We will be leveling or replacing a concrete pad used for a Generator Radiator that has become unlevel due to frost heave. This is important to protect the generator connected to the radiator.
  • For several locations, we are working to decommission existing huts where our equipment has been removed.
  • Working on providing annual maintenance on existing generators at locations around the state. This includes 100 plus sites around the State.
  • We are addressing HVAC issues we have at locations around the state.
  • We are still working on completing the FEMA process that will provide for the reimbursement of certain costs we incurred as a result of the Derecho that occurred last August.

Legislative Update – Mark Johnson

We are at the end of the 14th week of session, and there are only two weeks left until the 110th  day of the session, which is the day per diem and expense reimbursement ends.

Randy Goddard’s Executive Director confirmation was approved by the full Senate Commerce Committee on April 13 and heads to the full Senate. His confirmation was added to the En Bloc Calendar and is eligible to be voted on by the full Senate at any time.

ICN’s billing services proposal was passed by the Senate on April 7, and is being sent to the Governor’s desk. (HF805).

Other bills of interest:

  • Governor’s Broadband bill (HF 848) passed the Senate on April 7, and is headed to the Governor. Funding is in a separate bill, and is currently at $100 million for the upcoming fiscal year.

We have continued to reach out to legislators to tour our facilities and lab.

Chair Kniff McCulla – Thank you

Other Business:

Other Business: ITTC Committee Updates – Staff/Commission

There are four administrative rule changes that have been identified. Three were brought to our attention by the Administrative Code Office. There were two bills that passed during the 2020 legislative session that impacted our rules. At the direction of the Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC), the Legislative Services Agency completed a review of enactments in an effort to determine if rulemaking is required, which then resulted in the notice by the Administrative Code Editor.

Rule changes that need to be made include the following:

  1. Amend our “Uniform Waiver and Variance Rules” (751 – Chapter 16) to strike references to “variance” consistent with amendments to Iowa Codes section 17A.9A.
  2. Amend our “Uniform Waiver and Variance Rules” (751 – Chapter 16) to change the reporting of waiver information from semiannually to within 60 days of granting or denying a waiver.
  3. Amend the definition of Certified Users to remove the Regents Institutions.
  4. An additional change was identified by the Administrative Code Editor related to a Supreme Court Case that is also included in these proposed changes. That change strikes language in chapter 16 which would allow the Commission to grant a waiver on its own with no petition before it. The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that an agency cannot waive its own rules without receiving a petition.

We have established an internal process to complete a review of legislation that was passed during the recent session. That review will begin on June 15, and a report will be due to the Executive Director by the end of June.

Chair Kniff McCulla requested a motion to approve the Administrative Rules Amendments. Commissioner Holz moved to approve the Administrative Rules Amendments. Commissioner Olson seconded the motion. 

Roll call was taken: 

Commissioner Holz - Yes
Commissioner Olson - Yes
Commissioner Wenzel – Yes
Chair Kniff McCulla -  Yes

The motion passed unanimously.

ITTC Committee Updates – Staff/Commission

Personnel Committee – Mark Johnson
Meeting was cancelled as there were no issues to update.

Customer and Services Committee – Mike Lauer
Meeting Date: April 14, 2021.
Attendance: Commissioner Olson, Commissioner Lapointe, Business Services staff, and Ryan Mulhall.
Topics Covered:

  • ICN’s authorized user requests. None.
  • New customers.
  • Services: No new services.
  • New Waiver requests: No new requests.
  • Sales outreach as presented today.
  • Customer complaints and network outages.

Finance Committee – Mike Cruise
Meeting Date: April 12, 2021.
Attendance: Commissioner Wenzel, Commissioner Holz, Brian Clayton, and Mike Cruise.
Topics Covered:    

  • Review of March FY 2021 financials as presented today.
  • Presented a quick overview of the FY 2022 spring budget timeline.
    • Final draft distributed on May 13 for ITTC review.
    • Ask for approval at May 20 ITTC meeting.
  • Brian Clayton provided updates on several contracting issues. 

Operations Committee – Ryan Mulhall
Meeting Date: April 8, 2021.
Attendance: Chair Kniff McCulla, Commissioner Wenzel, Scott Pappan, and Ryan Mulhall.
Topics Covered:

  • ICN’s Aggregation: the current situation, costs moving forward, and transition plan.

Public Comment:



The ITTC meeting adjourned at 11:21 AM.

Barb Kniff McCulla - Chair, Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission

Downloadable Agenda (PDF):
Downloadable Minutes (PDF):

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