About the Executive Director

In September 2014, the members of the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission (ITTC) announced the appointment of Ric Lumbard to serve as ICN’s Executive Director, effective immediately.  The official appointment was made during their September 4th meeting.  The Commission feels strongly that Ric’s background, experience, and vision will position the ICN for continued success in the years to come.

Executive Director Ric LumbardRichard Bruner, ITTC’s Chair stated, “Ric has proven to be a visionary leader. He recently served as Director of Network Operations and Engineering for the ICN; and he has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry working in the public and private sectors with firsthand experience in education, carrier, and non-profits. Ric will lead a team that is committed to serving the current and future needs of our authorized users with new services, innovative technology, and a clear vision for the future.”

Lumbard stated, “The State of Iowa has a significant carrier asset in the ICN that sets Iowa apart nationally.  The ability and opportunity we have to power our customers with strong Broadband based services is really unparalleled by any other state.  Our vision to strengthen the Broadband value for our customers, especially in education and public safety, will be a firm direction for years to come.  It’s a privilege to serve leadership to such a great agency that is staffed by high caliber industry professionals.”

As a veteran of over 25 years in the telecommunication sector, he has served executive leadership in the private sector as Chief Technology Officer and telecom management; and in the non-profit world of International Missions and Aid.

A passion for the K-12 education sector stems back to 1986 in his service as technology manager for Chandler Unified School District in Arizona.  He and his wife returned back to Iowa to work for the Cedar Rapids Community School District and the Grant Wood Area Education Agency.  Moving to the private sector, he then worked in Voice, Data, and Communication management for the Raytheon Corporation with national telecommunication responsibilities.  His experience expanded into the carrier sector at USWEST Communications, later to serve as Chief Technology Officer for a legal Telecommunication services provider. 

Lumbard left the telecom sector briefly to serve leadership as CEO for an emerging International Missions organization, returning to the industry four years later.  He still serves as a weekend volunteer communicator, leader, and instructor to organizations dedicated to helping people. 

Lumbard joined the Iowa Communications Network in 2006, served in the Business Services Bureau, then later the Operations and Engineering Bureau as the Director of Network Operations and Engineering.   In January 2014, he served as ICN’s Acting Executive Director during the extended absence and eventual resignation of his predecessor.  Lumbard led the ICN until the ITTC completed its public Executive Director search and appointed Lumbard the new Executive Director in September 2014.

At a personal level, he volunteers as a national communicator inspiring non-profit organizations to make a difference in the fight against Human Trafficking.  He has a passion for aviation, holding commercial certification in both fixed and rotor wing aircraft.  Lumbard and his wife Christie have four adult children and enjoy their lives in the State of Iowa, both having spent their formative years in the Des Moines area.

Lumbard's Executive Director appointment by the ITTC was confirmed by the Senate on February 24, 2015.