Broadband Strong

2016-2017 VISION:ICN Certified Broadband Strong



2016-2017 MANDATES:

STRONG: Resilient, Valuable, Secure and Reliable

FLEXIBLE: Efficient, Dynamic and Customer Friendly

FAST: Transport, Services, Systems and Customer Experiences 


2016-2017 MAJOR GOALS: 

GOAL 1: develop financial and technological insights that strengthen the value of our customers’ broadband experience. 

GOAL 2: implement flexible internal systematic approaches in a fast manner. 

GOAL 3: establish a protected, secure and situationally aware production environment. 

GOAL 4: integrate preventive maintenance data into asset manager. 

GOAL 5: set high aspirations, plan responsibly, and honor commitments to meet timelines. 

GOAL 6: upgrade and expand the ICN virtualized platform by creating managed IP cloud services. 

GOAL 7: provide timely processes for service delivery and project closure to limit financial exposure. 

GOAL 8: implement new business strategies and services to provide broadband solutions for revenue growth. 

GOAL 9: establish a proactive, intel driven and compliant cyber environment. 

GOAL 10: implement managed security and public safety professional services. 

GOAL 11: implement a margin based environment and provide optical reporting. 

GOAL 12: procure and implement a new billing system while maintaining current performance measures.