2017 Legislative Overview

Iowa Capitol Dome

The legislature adjourned on April 22. Commissioner Tim Lapointe’s fourth term appointment (through 2023) was approved by the Senate on April 6. He has served on the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission (ITTC) since 1999. Each commission member serves a 6-year term, and is subject to confirmation by the Senate.

Session Highlights:

  • House File 467 - Effective July 1, ICN will be able to provide law enforcement communication system services to authorized users.
  • Senate File 500 - Effective July 1, HSEMD will direct a portion of 911 funds to begin the consolidation of the e911 & NG911 networks.
  • House File 601 - Effective July 1, information and records regarding cybersecurity and physical/critical infrastructure will be considered confidential, and not subject to Iowa's open records statute.
  • Senate File 431 - Effective July 1, wireless companies will be free to mount micro-cells on certain city structures in order to build future 5G infrastructure.

View a complete listing of bills passed in the 2017 Session by the 86th Iowa General Assembly on their website at https://www.legis.iowa.gov/law/statutory/acts/enrolledBills.